Keeping Pace,   a N.J. Non-Profit Corporation


Providing scholarships for horse enthusiasts with special needs

To Friends of Keeping Pace,


When we started out on the journey that became Keeping Pace, a NJ Non-Profit Corporation, our pledge was to provide financial assistance to help keep eligible horseback riders engaged in specific equine activities.  Over a decade later, we are proud to say that our pledge was fulfilled.  We are grateful to community members - individuals, families, and businesses - who graciously and consistently supported our fundraising and programming events.  We are grateful to our volunteers - board members, committee members, consultants, event planners and participants - for building and promoting this grassroots organization.  We thank the families who trusted us to uphold our promise of financial assistance to help keep eligible riders riding.  And we thank our riders who made sure that Keeping Pace’s work and money were put to good use in each and every riding session.  


Keeping Pace has now come to the end of its journey.  The hippotherapy and therapeutic riding landscapes have changed, and COVID has presented challenges beyond the organization’s risk tolerance.  As we now prepare to close Keeping Pace, be advised that as of October 21, 2020 Keeping Pace is no longer accepting scholarship applications.  


The Board of Directors extends sincere appreciation to everyone who worked to make Keeping Pace a success, and to the families and riders for whom Keeping Pace was built.


Best wishes.  Thank you.  Stay well. 

Keeping Pace, a NJ Non-Profit Corporation

Board of Directors